Follow / Un-Follow related queries

  • We are currently working on it. Very soon we will launch this feature.

  • You can follow “n”number of Stores/ Categories/ Brands / people.

Login / Sign up at Dealsgig Queries

  • When you are not logged in or logged out then you can only see the deals/ offers/ coupons/ contests/ freebies. When you are logged in apart from seeing the deals you can also create new posts/ comment on the posts/ you will get a customized profile/ send message and get lots more features to enjoy.

  • No, it is not mandatory to register or login.

  • Yes, you can login using your Facebook account.

  • When you Sign Up a vast area of many discounts and offers is opened to you, you will get a profile of your own, you can customize your own wall, according to you i.e. see only what you want to. Here you can post a deal/ offer/ discount/ freebies/ contest, by doing this you will earn points which can be redeemed anytime effortlessly, become a part of discussions, you can follow/ un-follow others, interact with others, get notifications, save the deals and offers or stores you are interested in.

  • It’s too easy. To Sign up at, click on ‘Register’ button at the right corner and fill in a short form of 3 fields i.e. Full Name, Email ID and Password, then ‘Sign Up’.

My Wall Customisation related Queries

  • You can save “n” number of deals.

  • To customize a wall:

    • 1.Login
    • 2.Follow Stores you are interested in

Other general queries

  • Just login into your account and send the message to Admin with the issue details. The rest will be handled by Admin.

  • This time you can only send message to DealsGiG Admin only.

  • You will get notifications when

    1. Someone follows you
    2. Someone comments on your post
    3. Admin send a notification to all users
  • You can anytime change your username, password, location , gender, preferences, notification using settings option.

Posting a Deal / Discussion related Queries

  • When a new post resembles an older post which is already posted by an user is called re-post. A re-post must have the same link. You can create a new post which resembles an older post after 7 days (on the 8th day), and after 7 days your new post will not be considered as a re-post.

  • Anyone who is logged in can comment on your post.

  • Yes, this time our website is different. All of your posts will be seen at our front page. Here will be no need of suggestions for getting your post on front page.

  • For every post on our website you will be getting points, these points can be redeemed at our Reward Store anytime effortlessly.

  • You can post “n”number of deals/ offers/ freebies/ contests.

  • To post a deal –

    1. Just fill the simple form
    2. Give a title of your deal
    3. Enter a valid deal URL
    4. Choose category
    5. Upload image
    6. Fill the price comparison form (only for posting a deal)
    7. When you filled the form click ‘POST’
  • You can post “n”number of deals/ discussions.

Rewards & Points and it's Redemption

  • Roughly, 1 point equals to 2 Indian Rupees. However, it can fluctuate over time like any other currency.

  • Yes, you can. Just fill the form on Reward page. Remember for redemption of your points you must have 251 points or multiple of 250.

  • Sorry! This feature is not available. Points from one profile to another will not be transferred. All points are non-transferable.

  • Sorry! You may have re-posted a post. Any type of re-post will be deleted instantly and point for this re-post will also be revoked. Please check the published posts before creating a new post.

  • Currently there is no limitation of getting points or posting.

  • You can redeem your points into Gift Voucher or CASH. Currently we are giving Gift Vouchers of Snapdeal and Flipkart. For CASH redemption you have to fill the form. Currently we are giving CASH to two Bank’s accounts i.e. AXIS Bank & State Bank of India.

  • You can redeem your points when your points will be 251 in count in our reward store. When your points will be 251 then you can redeem your 250 points, 1 point will have be left in your account. You can redeem your points when your points are 251 or multiple of 250.

  • It is very simple. Just join us today and start earning points.

  • You can earn points by your following activities-

    1. Registration (For a limited period) –   50 Points
    2. Posting a new deal which is not a re-post –  2 Points
    3. Posting a new offer which is not a re-post –  1 Points
    4. Posting a new coupon which is not a re-post –  1 Points
    5. Posting a new freebies which is not a re-post –  1 Points
    6. Posting a new contest which is not a re-post –  1 Points
  • Your effort, work and contributions are very precious to us. You can simply earn points by posting new deals/ offers/ coupons/ contests/ freebies.

    Please remember any unfair means of earning points will result instant ban and all of your points will be revoked. Be fair and get rewards and cash from us.

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