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Statement of DealsGiG Mission :- is totally FREE. This is a community driven free resource whose goal is to keep all informed of the continued updates of the latest deals, coupons and offers of online shopping and to all. We believe to maintain some activities in us-

Provide the most latest and accurate information available
Keep topical and relevant
Promote a goodwill between providers and users
Make its members and guests with and enjoyable environment
Help users to understand of choosing suitable offers for their needs
Promote business ethics and entrepreneurship in offers of online shopping industry
To this end we have created the following guidelines that all members have agreed to-


General Rules:-

We just take the “Be Polite” rule very strictly and seriously. We do not tolerate any rudeness. If any member is found intentionally unpleasant or disruptive may be banned without warning. Respect all members.
Your account is only of your alone. You are responsible for any activity created with it. Do not share your account login details with anyone.
When you are creating a new post please use search tool for preventing “RE-POST”
Keep aloof from pornography or any sexual or explicit content, DealsGiG is strongly against these things.
Do not contact any member to suggest or like your post or any advertising reason.
Self promotion is not allowed.
Affiliate link is not allowed.
We are against fake accounts.
We don’t release any member information unless court order to do so.
We always monitor private messages, so be safe for any allegations of PM abuse
We reserve the right to disable any account at anytime for any reason without any notice.
If any rules of DealsGiG you do not understand please report admin
Any abuse towards our staff/users/management in any form, may result in immediate suspension of your account
DealsGiG reserves the right to modify these rules anytime without any prior notice.

earning rules

Earning Rules:- is an awesome place for earning CASH/Voucher for free. It is based on your points. You will get points as mentioned below-

All of your posts will be on the front page.

You will get 2 points for each deal posting.
You will get 1 points for each offer/contest/freebies posting

1 Point = 2 Rupee

Minimum points to redeem is 250.

On Register you will get 50 Points absolutely free.

N.B.- *This time on CASH transfer is only available on selected banks, i.e. AXIS Bank, State Bank of India.

*Gift Voucher is available from Flipkart & Snapdeal. We will add more merchants soon.

important rules

If any member trying to use unfair means to earn points, his/her account will be banned and his/her points will be revoked instantly without any notice
All posts which are not useful, not topical will be considered as SPAM and any point/reward will not be given

re-post rules

If any user has already posted a deal and it’s still alive then you can only post the same deal after 7 days
If any posted deal has expired before 7 days then you can post the same deal(live) and it will not be re-post
Daily Deals are not counted in 7 days, that will be given to the right person everyday.
Remember DealsGiG has right to ban or suspend any user or revoke points in case of any dispute, the decision of DealsGiG will be final.

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